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I don't know where to start!

We can understand your confusion. With the myriad of choices, it can be very confusing and overwhelming. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterst...AAHHH!!! Make the madness stop!

So you go find the biggest, healthiest looking person at your work and they tell you the gym they go to is the best! Then shows you some video of people screaming and sweating, throwing kegs around like baseballs! What??!! I just want to get rid of this extra weight! Not pick up cars!

Lets step back a moment. Ask yourself some realistic questions. What do I want to achieve? Short term (6 months)? Long term(year end)? Lose weight? Put on muscle? Maybe play softball again?

Write down your goals and objectives. Be realistic. It took 10 years to put that 30lbs on. Its not coming off in a month.

Do a little research on gyms, gym fees, trainer fees, whats included in those costs? Realize that most big box gyms charge full rate for only 30 minutes of trainer time. At Preacher Power you get a full hour for your rate.

Also, ask for a certain Coach or Personal Trainer who will suit your needs. Not all trainers are created equal. They each have different styles and specialties.

At Preacher Power, we can find you the Coach to best suit your needs. Athletes, strongman, powerlifters, conditioning or just general fitness. A small personable gym to fullfill your needs, no matter what they are.

We offer personal programming as well, for those who like to work on their own. No guess work. Programs built just for your needs. Please come visit us. Lets get you STARTED!

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