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Welcome to Preacher Power LLC

At Preacher Power we strive to help you be your best. Powerlifting competitor, athlete or weekend warrior, we will put together the program to help you achieve your goals. Our training is realistic and sensible. Programs built to benefit you exclusively. We listen to our clients needs, goals and aspirations. Come visit with us and see what we have to offer. No smoke, just real and true advise. 

1 on 1 training from experienced coaches. We know what it is to be on a platform. We understand the commitment, the desire and the drive needed to get to that next level in your fitness training. Strength competitor, athlete or weekend warrior. We've got you covered.

Contact us today and lets get you started!

            GROUP TRAINING

Small group training may be just what you need to get you motivated and hold you accountable. When training with like minded individuals, it makes those goals easier to achieve. We all need a push sometime. 

Bring a friend or friends to train with. And have a great time achieving your fitness goals.


Want to be coached by the Preacher but live too far away? Well we have the answer for you! Online Programming is available. Programs for all individuals and lifestyles available. Weekly check in, video form check and general guidance and motivation to push you through your sessions. Don't let distance stop you. Programs starting at 75.00 monthly!!

Contact us today!

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